SWAFUSE - Hot Melt Coated Fusing Backer / Reinforcement for leather goods and leather shoe industry.

SWAFUSE – Hot Melt Coated Fusing Backer / Interlining/ Reinforcement

SWAFUSE backers are essentially very flexible SPUN LACE NON-WOVENS extruded with LOW TEMPERATURE HOT MELT COMPUNDS that can be FUSED or LAMINATED on the back of LEATHER at 70-100⁰ C without spoiling the feel of the leather.

SWAFUSE gives perfect BODY and BACK-UP THICKNESS along with a very SUPPLE and SOFT FEEL to LEATHER for further processing and ease of application.


  • Very low fusing temp. without spoiling leather
  • Provides backing support to give body & thickness to split leather for good usability
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Good elasticity & strong tear resistance
  • Environment friendly recyclable without any toxic ingredients/solvent
  • Can replace fusible interlinings in some applications.


  • Men’s, ladies and kids leather shoes
  • Leather products like Bags, Wallets, Purse, Gloves
  • All other leather articles

For additional details please refer our detailed catalogue SWAFUSE – HOT MELT COATED FUSING BACKERS

SWAFUSE – Hot Melt Coated Fusing Backer / Interlining/ Reinforcement


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