SWAMILL Speciality powders for cosmetics and scrubs

SWAMILL – POLYMER POWDER BEADS show mild abrasive properties,are chemically inert and show no adverse effects on contact with skin.they are therefore ideal additives for such applications as SKIN CARE products.

SWAMILL POLYMER POWDER BEADS are also used as additive in SOAPS.

They also find use as perfume or fragrance carriers.

Key Products Attributes:

  • Elegant silky smooth powder.
  • Lubricious slip,reduces drag.
  • Anti-aging line blurring.
  • Thickens silicone systems.
  • Affords film forming properties in emulsion & anhydrous systems.


  • SWAMILL – POLYMER POWDER BEADS are manufactured into carefully converted spherically shapes COARSE and SEMI-FINE POWDERS to be used as a gentle abrasive in above products.
  • SWAMILL – POLYMER POWDER BEADS have very good exfoliating properties and so slough off the dead cells and impurities without irritating the skin and thus are very widely used.
  • Typical addition levels are 5-8% for FACE CARE and 20-25% for BODY CARE.for FOOT CARE,a special version having a more COARSER particle size distribution is available.

Soap Additive:

  • SWAMILL-POLYMER POWDER BEADS are also incorporated in Soaps because of their mildly abrasive properties.Typical addition levels are 5% based on the total formulation.
  • Colored powders made with suitably approved pigments are also available for all above applications. Currently shades available are in BROWN,GREEN,RED,BLUE,ORANGE and VOILET,other than WHITE (NATURAL).
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